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One of our purpose for are to provide a space for home owner out there in Malaysia, create an opportunity to make money by rent your home. And to put and ads of your homestay in, please follow this guide below.

1. Click Add Your Homestay on the menu bar.

Add your homestay

2. You will be redirect to the Listing Package page.

Click the green Get Started Now button of the Free Listing Package.

Add your homestay 2

3. Once again, please make sure you tick the Free Listing Package and click the Listing Details button.

add your homestay 3

4. Then you will be redirect to the Add Your Homestay Package where you can start to list your homestay in portal. Please write up a good information of your homestay to make sure its sound interesting to attract your future client. Follow the guides at the page where we put insight ideas of what you can write and what you should do to make your ads attract. Please put comma (,) in your address to make sure our page can render the address beautifully.

5. Please make sure you just includes what amenities available in your homestay as incorrect information about your amenities can cause your ads be deleted.

add your homestay 4

6. To make your ads stands out from the crowd, choose the best photo or angle of your homestay as a Cover Photo for your ads in Only 4 pictures be allowed to upload for your ads. So choose the best of it!

7. Fill in the field provided as it was mandatory such as Bedroom, Bathroom, maximum Guest allowed, type of your Homestay, Check In and Check Out time of your homestay and also the price of your Homestay per-night.

add your homestay 5

8. To make sure that our map system can pinpoint your location accurately for the ease of your future client, please make sure you put the accurate address of your homestay. Once our maps system point out your location, click Lock Pin Location as at the picture provided below.

add your homestay 6

9. Don’t forget to insert your phone number as it was use to provide easy communication for you and your future clients.

10. Click the Preview button. You will be direct to the Preview page of your ads and make sure you check all the details of your ads. If you done, just click the Submit Listing button and voila, you have put your ads in

add your homestay 7

For your information, Our team will review your ads to ensure it follows our Rules of Advertising. Once approved, it will be on our site. Hope this guide can help you to launch your business and start to sky rocket your profits!

add your homestay 8

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